Reminder: DirecTV Free Preview of HD Extra Pack

Free Preview for: HD Programming
Available to Subscribers of:

A free preview for HD Extra Pack for DirectTV starts December 5 and runs until December 12. Here’s more information including the channel line-up.

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6 Comments to “Reminder: DirecTV Free Preview of HD Extra Pack”

  1. Kublai Khan Says:

    So how am I supposed to watch the HD preview if I don’t have the HD receiver which I would get if I had the HD channels? Does anyone else find this moronic?

  2. Rudy Says:

    @Kublai Khan:
    The HD Extra Pack in DirectTV is an extra package that you have to pay additional $5 a month to get HD channels like HDNET Movies, MGM HD, Sony Movie Classics, etc.

    So even if you have an HD receiver and get the basic HD lineup, you would not get these HD channels unless you subscribe to the HD Extra Pack. This is what you’re getting for free this week.

    So, to answer your question, NO, I did not find this moronic!

  3. Jerry Says:

    Well done Rudy!

  4. Ernest Says:

    Kublai: Get an HD receiver. Why would you NOT have an HD receiver in 2012?

  5. Keith Says:

    What time is this supposed to start? I’m not getting anything on these channels yet.

  6. Clifton Says:

    I’m sick of these HD Extra Pack Free Trials. Directv has had 2 or 3 Hd Extra Pack Free Trials since the last HBO/Cinemax free trial! Come on Directv, give us a HBO/Cinemax or Showtime Free Trial!! Does anyone know why sports channel free trials and HD extra pack free trials last longer than the movie channesl free trials?

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