Reminder – HBO & Cinemax Free Preview Starts Tomorrow for Many Providers

Free Preview for: Cinemax, HBO
Available to Subscribers of: , , , ,

We know of at least 5 providers that are having an HBO & Cinemax free preview for this weekend! Click on any of the links for more details on the free preview.

Time Warner Cable is having a free preview starting tomorrow (Friday, June 12) and running through Tuesday morning (June 16).

Cox Communications free preview also starts tomorrow and ends on Monday (June 15).

There is a free preview of HBO & Cinemax for Verizon Fios starting tomorrow (Friday) and running through Monday.

Comcast Communications customers can enjoy a Comcast free preview of HBO & Cinemax starting Friday and running through Monday.

Charter Communications will be having this free preview starting tomorrow and running through Monday as well.

It looks like Dish Network, AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV is not participating in this free preview – although DirecTV has a free preview of their Premiere Package coming up next weekend.

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38 Comments to “Reminder – HBO & Cinemax Free Preview Starts Tomorrow for Many Providers”

  1. todd Says:

    No free HBO in Seattle on comcast?WTF???

  2. Josh Says:

    Looks like Time Warner for North Texas is not participating.

  3. phil Says:

    no free hbo in new hampshire on comcast wtf ??????? comcast blows

  4. Admin Says:

    A commenter on another post brought up the idea that the DTV transition has thrown the cable and satellite operators into some sort of dizzy where they can’t turn the preview on.

    I swear…

  5. jose Says:

    time warner in ellenville new york is not participating not a good thing for their bussiness

  6. Judi Says:

    No free cinemax in Miramar, Florida (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale market). Does it start in the evening or are they screwed up from the digital tv transition?

  7. Admin Says:

    Judi: They usually start in the morning… sometimes a bit later. My guess would be that they’ve canceled/delayed it due to the transition. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  8. IRG Says:

    I’m in NYC. Time Warner doesn’t have any info on this promo and it’s not available.

    but when I called Time Warner about it, without asking, they gave me a free month of HBO and Cinemax.

    I don’t even have to call back and cancel!

    I’ve never gotten anything FREE from Time Warner other than those weekends.

    Maybe this would work for others?

  9. Herbie Says:

    I have charter here in Tennessee and it is Friday. I have no Free HBO or Cinemax. What a crock of lies.

  10. Janice Says:

    No Free HBO here in Ohio, why the email to us if no free HBO, A bunch of bull as always!!!!!

  11. Aaron Says:

    This is a lie. No free HBO or Cinemax.

  12. Admin Says:

    What a mess! All these providers sending emails, newsletter announcements, and even notices on the TV and no follow through.

    I hope there’s some make-up free previews in the works!

  13. Kristie Velasco Says:

    No free HBO or Cinemaw here in Santa Barbara, Ca..

    Major bummer!


  14. Vish Says:

    No free preview in Maryland either. Comcast told me that it was cancelled and the notice was in the newspaper a month ago. No reason behind it though.

  15. hergi Says:

    from deerfield bch., fl.

    called comcast at 8 pm and asked what was up with the hbo,cinemax preview weekend, and a guy named “Harvey” said, it had been cancelled because ‘they’ the powers that be at comcast hadn’t realized about the digital transition!!!
    Are you kidding me?! NOBODY,realized it, before they advertised it?!? And then they don’t have the decency to tell people (us, their customers who already pay their overinflated prices, because it’s them or nothing) THEY’RE SHAMELESS.

  16. EpicFailz Says:

    Still no free Cinemax here. Cox – LA

  17. Admin Says:

    hergi: WOW! Now you’re at least the second person to report that the PTB at the cable companies were “surprised” at the DTV transition!

  18. Coco Says:

    I want my….I want my…..I want my FREE tv.

  19. Bill Says:

    The free preview started for Comcast in Richmond IN around 8am 6/12.

    I’m sorry the rest of you didn’t get it, but I didn’t want others to get the impression that no one has it.

  20. Ornery Potato Says:

    I live in the city limits of Key West, Florida located in Monroe County. Comcast is the Florida Keys local cable provider and their marketed blitz of free HBO and Cinemax is bogus as they have finked on their free offer this weekend-June 12 thru June 15. I already subscribe to HBO and thought I would check out what the “other” side is like. I selected the MAXHD channel and a message box appeared stating to view this channel please subscribe by calling 1-800-ur-duped. The number is bullshit and so is Comcast’s offer.

  21. Melissa Says:

    Our HBO/Cinemas is fine on regular channels, but there is no free HD preview.

  22. Zeekums Says:

    I have free HBO in Portland, OR. Maybe they just started it last. I didn’t remember until today.

  23. Alejandro Says:

    In North Carolina, TWC knows nothing abut this free offer. Never heard of it and no plans to do so. Probably because they have a monopoly on cable service here. I’ve never gotten anything free from them in 16 years.

  24. deb Says:

    No free HBO or CINEMAX in HOUSTON.

  25. Nick Says:

    free HBO w/ FiOS here in Northern MA… No notification

  26. Kaitlin Says:

    I have it in Lansing, MI, and have for most of the day. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones.

  27. holly Says:

    i have cox in san diego and i got free cinemax and i subscribe to hbo so allready have that

  28. Michael Says:

    Comcast in Oakland, CA is running the free previews of HBO and Cinemax, on the standard channels and HD. They sent a message about it to my cable box sometime last week.

  29. Tony Says:

    we are just outside of Greenville SC we got the free preview on charter, they are a bit pricey but they do what they say,and, have good service overall.

  30. cb Says:

    Free HBO and Max previews working here in Los Angeles, but no HD channels and local channels are out!

  31. cb Says:

    Local channels back on today, but no free previews on HD channels. Best preview weekend we’ve had all year.

  32. dan Says:

    free HBO and Cinemax here on Comcast in central valley…Tracy,CA

  33. Ron Says:

    Forget Time Warner in the Buffalo area. Nothing. Crappy service for top $

  34. Andrea Says:

    With the end of the school year, didn’t even realize there was a free preview!! Better luck next year I guess!! Being from Michigan, we can’t afford ANYTHING anymore!!

  35. Davis Says:

    I got the free preview. I live in Georgia.

  36. carlos Says:

    Have Direct tv in New Mexico and all movies channels have been working all week. Hbo , cinemax , starz, and many other channels. Still haven’t turned off.

  37. jack Says:

    Have Verizon all channels still on here in NJ weird.

  38. Dawn Krueger Says:

    Can across this 2 day ago got caught up on some movis i have nt see …tbamks charter communication next time it would be great if there were more of a heads up as to when its coming so my dad who is 83 has more variety of shows to watch THANK YOU!

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