Free Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax for Many This Weekend

Free Preview for: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime
Available to Subscribers of:

showtime-free-previewThere are a ton of providers showing free previews this weekend. Here’s a round-up of who’s getting what. 

If you know of a provider that’s participating and isn’t on the list, please leave a comment and I’ll get it added. Thank you!


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40 Comments to “Free Showtime, HBO, and Cinemax for Many This Weekend”

  1. Chris Bradley Says:

    anyone know if Comcast will also have the hbo cinemax preivew

  2. Renae Jordan Says:

    Cox Cable Roanoke VA

  3. TIM Says:

    Anyone know if Verizon Fios will have it?

  4. Peter Says:

    Sling is supposed to have HBO this weekend

  5. Kevin Says:

    Have a feeling the HBO and Cinemax free preview should happen for Watch-a-thon Week and I don’t know when it will begin.

  6. Jill Quaney Says:

    Only HD channels for Showtime, HBO & Cinemax are available.

  7. Dennis Says:

    Verizon Fios will have HBO free this weekend.

  8. Dee Says:

    Star this weekend

  9. Dee Says:

    Star for cox

  10. Pamela Says:

    will this start @ 12:00 am?

  11. Sara Says:

    It’s already started in tn on dish network…

  12. Maryann Says:

    There is also a free preview on RCN this weekend

  13. jeff Says:

    Not working for me with Direct TV in Phoenix……

  14. Michelle Says:

    Fios has HBO, showtime, and cinemax this weekends

  15. Lisa Says:

    Only HBO and Cinemax are free on Cincinnati Bell Fioptics not Showtime

  16. Cindia Says:

    Comcast has free HBO on demand!

  17. Dave in NJ Says:

    Verizon FIOS has HBO and Cinemax free this weekend. They are unlocked on my service as of Friday morning 2/17.

  18. Carolyn Says:

    Verizon FIOS is having free preview of HBO, Showtime and Cinemax Feb 17-20

  19. Mairzytex Says:

    Frontier in Texas is showing only Showtime, though they published a msg that says HBO & Max are also free this weekend, but no channels are on. Any other Frontier customers having this problem?

  20. Mairzytex Says:

    Called Frontier about HBO/MAX not showing. Tech support says the Provisioning group recognizes the problem, and they’re working on it. This is the situation for CA, TX, & FL.

  21. Rick Says:

    Free hbo on charter/spectrum this weekend?

  22. Karen Says:

    Comcast (NW WA) has all three: Sho/HBO/MAX in the OnDemand under Premium Channels…then HBO or whatever. No advertising, no front page OnDemand link for free preview weekend.

    Thanks to this website and their rss feed or I would have missed it.

  23. Chuck Says:

    Have Verizon FIOS (Frontier) in TX. Showtime showed up at midnight last night, HBO & Cinemax around mid-morning. Only for what’s scheduled, no VOD access.

  24. Chris Bradley Says:

    comcast has all 3

  25. Jacki Montgomery Says:

    Does time warner/spectrum have free max?

  26. Claudia Says:

    I’m watching free HBO on demand on sling tv right now

  27. Jill Says:

    What about Shentel in WV?

  28. Mike W Says:

    Verizon fios has the free showtime this weekend, but you can’t record any of the shows. Bummer.

  29. Jenna Says:

    I am watching HBO free on Sling right now. My mom has Comcast and doesn’t have any free previews.

  30. Jeen Keim Says:

    Koodos there can be more

  31. Barbara Says:

    I am not able to see Showtime or HBO for free this weekend in Dallas.

  32. Robert Says:

    I have Comcast, and they didn’t give us ever no preview of showtime. Does anyone know if I can get showtime free this weekend? There’s sposta be a free promotion.

  33. Chris Bradley Says:

    Robert its on demand only

  34. Amy l Says:

    What time does the preview end on the 20th

  35. Chris Bradley Says:

    anyone still have the showtime free preview comcast i currently still have it as of now

  36. Carol Says:

    Crap, I was so busy with watching Showtime over the weekend that I didn’t check to see if there were any other free previews.

  37. Ginger Says:

    What time did free trial end? Was it midnight Monday night? Thanks! :))

  38. Ginger Says:

    What time of the day did it end Monday? We tried taping and most movies only taped for 30 minutes. Thanks! :))

  39. TIM Says:

    It ended Monday night/ Tuesday morning around 12:15 am Eastern standard time.

  40. Monique Says:

    Even though the free previews ended last week, I am still getting SundanceTV for some reason. I thought that was part of the Showtime package unless it changed recently. For those who have DirecTV try it out, channel 557.

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