Free Preview of HBO & Cinemax on Dish Network

Free Preview for: Cinemax, HBO
Available to Subscribers of:

Free Preview Begins: April 21, 2017 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends: April 24, 2017 (Monday)


There will be a free preview of HBO & Cinemax on Dish Network April 21-24.

Thanks so much to Glenn for sending this in.

Channel Lineup:

300-305, 307-309 – HBO
310-315 – Cinemax

Dish Network

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8 Comments to “Free Preview of HBO & Cinemax on Dish Network”

  1. Chas Says:

    Damn, I’ve barely watched any of the movies I recorded last time…I’ve got to get a larger external drive for my DVR.

  2. Eric J Says:

    Frontier FIOS is featuring the same promotion during the same time according to ads currently running on Frontier FIOS.

  3. Paul Dutkiewicz Says:

    Is uverse doing it also.if to watch my movies

  4. Kevin Says:

    Really hope Xfinity should have a free preview of HBO & Cinemax soon.

  5. Marcia Weiss Says:

    Thank you ! Will be enjoying this feature!

  6. Marcia Weiss Says:

    Thanks!!! Will be using this feature a lot!

  7. Ralph Says:

    lol agreed with Chas. I got some binge-watching/deleting to do.
    Oh well, First World Problems.

  8. Jeremy Cooke Says:

    I’m sure DirecTV will do the same. Just waiting for the announcement.

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