Free Preview of HBO and Cinemax for Many This Weekend

Free Preview Begins: February 19, 2016 (Friday)
Free Preview Ends
: February 22, 2016 (Monday)


There’s a pretty big free preview of HBO and Cinemax happening this weekend, February 19-22. Here’s who we know are participating. Click on the links for more details.

A big thank you to everyone who emailed me in with tips for this one! If you know  your provider is participating but isn’t on the list, please leave a comment below.

Channel Lineup:

Check with your local provider.

50 Replies to “Free Preview of HBO and Cinemax for Many This Weekend”

  1. I wonder if comcast will do it they usually do it when multiple providers do it but they dont mention it

  2. Time Warner NEVER offers these free previews.
    It is just another reason people don’t like Time Warner and switch.

  3. Cox is the worst, high prices, price increases in fine print, subcontractors that damage more than they fix. I wish some one in my area had better service. You want a free preview…lol

  4. Does anyone know how I can watch HBO on Demand during the Free Preview? When I try to watch Game of Thrones on Demand, a pop up box says I need so subscribe. I can watch the regular HBO channels during the Free Preview weekend fine with no pop up box. Thanks!

  5. Is Fios making On Demand available as well as the regular premium channels? Really want to watch Game of Thrones!

  6. I have charter and I have never had a. Free preview weekend. Since having it,seems like they aren’t doing the free previews.

  7. I have Comcast in South Jersey. Checked earlier today, no Max freebie on OnDemand. Checked again just now (7 p.m., EST), Max OnDemand is free. Don’t know about HBO since I subscribe to that.

  8. I’m with Time Warner now and have so much trouble with them about my bill. I wish we had another Cable company to put Time Warner in competition. They’re all crooks!!

  9. I have a cable card, so I can’t view the channels, but I haven’t had any luck on FIOS with the HBO-Go at least.

  10. Looks like Comcast in Philly suburbs is having free HBO preview. Am able to access Game of Thrones! thru the xfinity tv go online site. Thank you so much! Have been waiting for this.

  11. I usually record shows/movies on my dvr, while I watch on demand titles. Also most HBO and Cinemax channels are streaming on my iOS devices via the FiOS app. Also a large HBO and Cinemax selection available via the app’s On Demand menu.

  12. Free Cinemax on Cablevision optimum in Monmouth county, New Jersey. Saw this last night. Binge watching Banshee on demand. Woohoo!

  13. I am calling verizon and checking their prices now! If they are offering free hbo to their customers and comcast is not why should I be loyal???

  14. I kept my Internet but now run on a roku box. I have sling for $20 a month. They also have add on like hbo for another $15. But you can also get a free month of hbo through roku before picking it up with sling.

  15. We finally got the free HBO & MAX free weekend …Saturday afternoon. I checked twice this morning and all day Friday and nothing. Same thing on the last free preview.

    For other Comcast customers not seeing it they didn’t put in on the front page of the OnDemand this time. You go to: OnDemand… Premium channels…then HBO OnDemand (or MAX OnDemand).

  16. Comcast subscribers do have access to HBO and Cinemax, but only Online on the XFINITY TV GO App or XFINITY ON DEMAND.

  17. Can anyone tell me exactly when it ends? Wanna know if a movie I want to record will get interrupted. On direct, the guide is not greyed out on those channels like normal (free preview) but they are all white text for the whole week.

  18. I’ve been checking this site every Thursday, but didn’t get a chance to last week. Sure enough, the Free Preview wasn’t announced here until the day before it began. I missed it entirely. Wish there was a way to know in advance when these free preview weekends are coming up.

  19. not surprised cox wasn’t involved in this free weekend.

    Cox getting a little stingy with the free preview weekends.

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