Big Free Preview of HBO & Cinemax This Weekend for Many Providers

There’s a ton of providers taking part in a free preview of HBO & Cinemax this weekend to promote the series premiere of True Detective and the season premiere of Girls. The Place Beyond the Pines also makes its HBO debut this weekend.

Here are the providers that are taking part and when the free preview is running. If you know your provider is participating and don’t see them on the list, please leave a comment so I can get them added.

DirecTV – January 10-13

AT&T U-Verse – January 10-12

Dish Network – January 10-13

Verizon FIOS – January 10-13

RCN – January 10-13

Cable One – January 10-13

Comcast Xfinity – January 10-13

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed be about these!

46 Replies to “Big Free Preview of HBO & Cinemax This Weekend for Many Providers”

  1. Jan 10-13 according to on demand ad surprisingly we ddint get the Showtime this year like we have the 2nd of of past years

  2. Anyone know if On Demand is available for HBO during free preview weekend? May have to binge watch season 4 of Boardwalk if so

  3. So far all I’ve seen for sure is Comcast Jan 11-13 for Showtime. Nothing about an HBO or Cinemax preview.

  4. I believe Comcast is offering the free preview online only. (Including devices that connect through internet) Not available as cable channel.

  5. I already get HBO on a half-price promo, so don’t know if it’s available here (N.J., Comcast Cable) or not; Cinemax is, but only on OnDemand. Not on the regular channels. Although we have the “Message” feature on our on-screen menu, they never send us messages about things like this. So glad to have FreePreviewTV!

  6. What a joke. I have Comcast (in Florida) and already have HBO. They’re offering only On Demand HBO and Cinemax only when I look at the Cinemax movies they are just a few movies – all of which were on HBOs list last month.

  7. It’s NOT on-demand only for Verizon FiOS (in Massachusetts). I’m getting all HBO and Cinemax channels (and I don’t usually) since I saw this post Thursday night.

  8. Cox in Tulsa is doing Jan 10-13 HBO and Cinemax ON Demand free weekend. Just the ON Demand. Not the regular channel. I called in and she found it, she didn’t even know about it. YES, you may all adore me now. :)

  9. Anyone having issues with HBO on demand?

    I’m only seeing the even number episodes of Boardwalk season 4.

  10. I did not see Cox mentioned except in certain areas. In Hampton Roads, Virginia, use On Demand for HBO and Cinemax to watch–not available on the HBO or Cinemax channels.

  11. We have comcast in ga and got the email message. Supposed to be yesterday through sunday but we aren’t getting hbo or cinemax.

  12. No HBO, Cinemax, or Showtime preview for me on Comcast. Both live and online viewing. I have a cablecard so I don’t receive On Demand.

  13. So I already have HBO. I see this preview is offering sneak peeks of TV shows b4 they premier, such as shameless. Anyway, today I saw a commercial stating u can watch the new girls episode from Jan 10-13 free. Why isn’t it available to me yet? Because I already have HBO? I watched shameless on showtime a few days ago, it hasn’t aired yet either. I just want to see the new girls episode early if possible!!

  14. What I hate is that my comcast (Delaware) did not do much (if any) advertising for this. I only just discovered it was on late Sat night (Jan 11th).
    Nothing in the monthly bill, & not much during the on demand “barker” while looking up other stuff, but I do tend to tune her out a lot.
    But they still could have done better to let us know.

  15. Likewise, only even number episodes of Boardwalk Empire. Way to go HBO, I was considering adding HBO, but no more!

  16. I dislike Comcast/Xfinity with a passion.
    Could not find the free preview anywhere this weekend.
    Then I read online the free preview was LIMITED to “On Demand” only. What a joke.
    Looking forward to cancelling my service with Comcast/Xfinity soon.

  17. Was searching the for this info only after the fact. We noticed the “Free” weekend only by complete happenstance…, as AT&T to our knowledge didn’t provide it’s customer any knowledge of the fee weekend.
    If they did, can someone point out to me where on earth or how on earth AT&T informed it’s customers of this event.. before it happened

  18. Bilbo — Go to the site There’s a few people there that regularly post announcements of channel additions, subtractions and changes.

    You can also view the site below. It normally gets updated on the third Tuesday each month, but you can check for “bonus” announcements.

    You can also view U-Verse channel 400 to view information on previews.

    Check out Once you log in, you can see information on various free previews. I regularly see “three months free” for HBO and Cinemax, plus other free promotions. Keep in mind that these promotions do not expire automatically. If you keep it turned on, you will be billed once the promotion expires. It is up to you to call or visit the website to cancel on the last day.

  19. add the dish channels free: EPIX, Movie Mania, Demand TV shows and movies, and month long channel previews free

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