New Free Previews Available for Dish Network

Free Preview Begins: December 6, 2012 (Thursday)
Free Preview Ends: January 1, 2013 (Tuesday)

December 6 – January 1, you can catch a free preview of Sony Movie Channel, Cooking Channel, NFL Network, GAC, gmc, Universal Sports Network, Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel on Dish Network.

Channel Lineup:

113 – Cooking Channel
154 – NFL Network
165 – Great American Country (GAC)
185 – Hallmark Channel
187 – Hallmark Movie Channel
188 – gmc
386 – Sony Movie Channel
402 – Universal Sports Network

Dish Network

7 Replies to “New Free Previews Available for Dish Network”

  1. DISH’s favorite preview channels seem to be AMC, WE-TV (those 2 I don’t understand since they’re in every package), Cooking Channel, GAC, Hallmark Channels, and GMC. Why is it never H2, ID, Military Channel, TCM, FOX Movies, etc? We get these crap previews month after month.

  2. I’m getting all the other free previews except the Sony Movie Channel and I have had it before during the free preview

  3. I believe Sony Movie Channel is HD only, so if you don’t have an HD receiver you won’t get the Sony Movie Channel.

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